August 29, 2012

Artefacts: Japanese Exclusive Autobot Cassettes

There are a few niche areas of collecting Transformers-related production items that I am hugely fond of. For me the biggest part of collecting is to collect what you like. I love Minibots, kits and watches to name a few sub-catagories of this hobby, but my all-time favourite Transformers-related toys are....CASSETTES!

So compact and unassuming, they truly embody the moniker of 'More Than Meets The Eye'.

As an aside, my personal favourite is Ratbat. More on this at a later date.

I love the Japanese exclusive Autobot cassettes too, and with that said, here is a picture I that I'd wanted to take for a while:

Japanese exclusive Autobot cassettes

For those who may not know, C-116 Twincast is a repaint of Blaster/Broadcast who, like his namesake, can hold two cassettes simultaneously instead of one. His accompanying companion Steeljaw also sports an exclusive sticker, showing the schematics/weak points of their foe Mega Zarak AKA Scorponok!

The other 4 cassettes pair off and combine into two larger robots. C-121 Gurafi and C-122 Noizu together make Decibel, while C-123 Dairu and C-124 Zauru merge to form Legout.

Superb toys for an already ingenious design.

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